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David provided our university with a new way of looking at our dining program; as a key piece in the student retention puzzle and something that we, as university leaders, not our food service provider, should take the lead in designing. His recommendations for improving our program will add great value along with improved student demand.

Gerald L. Silberman
Vice President
Administration & Finance | Kutztown University

Beyond his expertise in food service design, David really understands the core business of our clients. He doesn’t settle for the status quo, but rather always encourages us to think outside the box.

David Hatton, AIA
Vice President

David's grand vision and subsequent recommendations not only were not on anyone's radar screen and challenged the conventional wisdom, but by listening to and putting our students first, not only proposed a solution that would further increase student participation in dining, but would for the first time provide our campus with nothing less than colossal distinction with a meaningful socially rich experience for our students second to none. David's plan did not raise mandatory meal plan pricing to our students, he expanded hours and VALUE and increased our bottom line. David's team has moved ahead with the design of two world class state of the art dining venues on our campus that have been programmed to functionally support our new vision for dining. David is one of a kind in our industry. Thank you David!

Jeff Yawn / Director of Eagle Dining Services / Georgia Southern University

About This Book

In the first edition of The Porter Principles, PKC CEO & President David Porter created a thought revolution. In the soon-to-be-released 2nd edition, David provides additional intriguing insights and keen observations regarding the importance of unlocking the social architecture on campuses, the role it plays in guiding students and parents in the college search and the impact a socially-rich campus life can have on creating a stronger future for the younger generation.

How can you develop a world class dining program that meets the unique social architecture and dining objectives of your campus and ensures that students successfully develop personal and professional networking skills that will serve them well after they graduate? Social architect David Porter believes that every college or university must develop and provide wholesome safe on-campus collaboration space that fosters meaningful face-to-face socially-rich interaction and that there has been an epidemic failure by many university planners to create the type of dining/learning commons required to provide this critical environment.

David's unique approach, vision and insights have guided North America's top schools to independently create revolutionary dining programs that maximize student participation, increase student and alumni retention...all while improving a self-operated dining program or facilitating a foodservice provider operator selection process that guarantees high levels of student participation, accountability and protects/ produces millions for their campuses.

David's illustrious client list includes George Mason University, University of Georgia, University of New Hampshire, Ferris State University, Wellesley College, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Brigham Young University, Concordia College, Simon Fraser University, Microsoft Corporation, The United States Naval Academy, University of Maryland and many more.

David has 40+ years of hands-on foodservice consulting and operations experience.